Main job functions of an automotive locksmith

When you think of a automotive locksmiths services the first thing that pops into your mind is car lock out! This is one of the many job duties of our expert automotive locksmith specialist.
One of the other most common calls our offices receive aside from the emergency lock outs is for car key replacement, there are so many different reasons as to why a customer might need a new vehicle key this is why our automotive locksmiths services are always on available .

With so many different vehicles on the road today it is the top priority of our automotive locksmith specialist to always carry a full stock of keys that can be used for all vehicles, along with the machines to cut and program them in their mobile service units.
With all of our locksmiths being completely mobile we are offering a huge advantage to our automotive locksmith customers. Before if you had lost your vehicle key you would have had to get your vehicle towed to the dealership and pay outrageous prices and wait a very long time just to get a new key. But now our automotive locksmiths are able to come right out to your location and create a new key fro you right there on the spot. No need to waste your time and money towing your vehicle.

Automotive Locksmiths Services Ignition Changes

automotive locksmiths services ignition changesOur automotive locksmiths are always ready to make a key but there are some cases where the key is not the issue our customers are experiencing. Sometimes with vehicles the actual ignition switch can go bad or get stuck, and the only way to get your car to start is to change out the old broken ignition with a new one. This is another task that used to be left up to the dealers before mobile auto locksmiths were available in the area. Now with a quick phone call to our offices one of our skilled technicians can be at your side to remove your old ignition and install a new functioning one. After you have your new ignition you will also need a key that fits it, no worries our automotive locksmiths provide a new key with each ignition change we perform.

Emergency Automotive Locksmiths Services

One of the other main functions of an automotive locksmith is door lock issues as well as trunks. With older cars it is common for a door lock to just simply stop locking, even worse is if the lock will not unlock forcing our customers to find another way to exit their vehicle. Our automotive locksmiths services are able to perform car door lock changes also right on site. We carry a nice selection of locks matching a wide range of year make and model vehicles. Just like our keys we guarantee to always have the part you need in stock and ready to go. The trunk lock is another issue in itself; most people do not even notice that the truck will not open until they need to get to their spare tire or some other emergency item that they have been keeping safe in the trunk. With one quick call our automotive locksmiths can be at your side to unlock your trunk and replace the lock that was malfunctioning in the first place.
For more information about the services our automotive locksmiths can offer please contact our customer service representatives .