High tech advances in home security

In the world today everything is high tech and more advanced than it was even ten years ago, so why should it not be the same for your home security.
We are the leading installer and service provider for all new high tech home security measures, from biometric locks, home surveillance systems, safe rooms, safes, security systems and much more.

The next few paragraphs will give you a quick overview of the advances in home security so you can make a well informed decision about how secure your home really is.

Bio metric Locks Installed by Home Security Locksmiths

Biometric Locks Home Security LocksmithsThe first and most basic of new technologies for home security locksmiths offer are biometric locks. These locks are used on your doors and look and act pretty much just like an old deadbolt lock. Except they are not controlled by a key instead there require a code, fingerprint or even a eye scan to gain access to the home. The locks that are controlled by a pin code are the easiest to use especially for homes where it is necessary for many people to have access to the interior. Once the lock is installed you are able to program pin codes for you and your family instead of handing out keys. The finger print scan operated locks are pretty much the same except you are not able to easily add users since the person needs to be present and you must scan the finger a few times for the system to save it. But both of these types of locks are much more secure than a regular deadbolt. Yes they may lock the same from the inside but when someone is tiring to unlawfully gain entrance to your home if you have one of these types of locks it is near impossible. There is no key way for the thief to try to pick his way in and the code after entered a certain number of incorrect times the lock cannot be opened without the original pin code.

CCTV Cameras Provided by Home Security Locksmiths

The next high tech home security locksmiths advance we would like to discuss is home monitoring equipment like CCTV cameras and motion detectors. CCTV cameras are used all over the world you are most likely used to seeing them inside you favorite shop in the mall or the corner grocery store. These cameras are usually wired into the building you are in and controlled from in house and also off site. These cameras allow the owners of the business to monitor what takes place in every inch of their store even when they are not physically inside the building. Newer CCTV cameras are wireless which means they can be placed anywhere and cannot be disabled by a wire cutter. Adding these cameras to the exterior of your home can provide you with a extra sense of security being able to monitor what is taking place outside you home without exiting your home and even while you are not at the home. In addition to adding them to the outside of your home we suggest installing a camera at any entrance of your home, like the front and back door and windows that are ground level. A nice add on for CCTV cameras is motion detectors, these little guys can be placed just about anywhere and when connected to your home security system will sound an alarm when it detects heat or motion when there is supposed to be none. These come in handy for when you are out of town and no one is at your home. If there is any movement inside an alarm will sound and the authorities will be called.
Our technicians are able to assist you with all of your home security needs and always offer a free consultation where we will explain all the pros and cons to all the equipment on the market to help you make the best decision for your home security locksmiths needs.