Inspecting Your Home Security Key System

Ask almost anyone what their idea of the American dream entails and undoubtedly the top answer will be the purchase of a home. The security, independence, and sense of achievement in such a large scale acquisition is a top goal of most Americans, young and old alike. While the purchase of a home requires your attention towards the typical items such as securing a mortgage and insurance, there is also a very important, yet largely overlooked, process that every home buyer and real estate investor should be made aware of in each transaction: assessing the pre-existing home key system.

More often than not an inspection of the keying system is not suggested or made available to the buyer via the real estate agent, broker, lender or building inspector, nor is it typically recommended by the National Association of Realtors. While a first time or seasoned property buyer would be remiss in not performing a home inspection to determine the condition of the property and having the ability to find out about any existing or foreseeable problems there would, too, be negligence in not performing a proper assessment of the pre-existing home key system(s).

Home Key System Inspection

From value to the home buyer by limiting liability, averting any future repair costs due to poor workmanship of the previous service on the current system to a myriad of legitimate security concerns, a proper assessment can not only identify any problems that must be addressed immediately, but in most cases be repaired before the transaction is completed. A well known and common practice in real estate transactions post home inspection is the issuance of the “Buyers Inspection Report” for highlighting issues present and projected thereby providing the seller an option of paying compensation to the new buyer or performing repairs on the home for the purchaser.
With the help of American Best Locksmith to perform a professional assessment of the existing key system of the home or investment property, the buyer can also ask and expect to have repairs made, replacements installed prior to the close of escrow or, if preferred, compensation offered to them by the seller to make all necessary changes themselves, as well as the peace of mind that a dependable, safe and secure key system is in place. The idea of this practice, a pre-existing home key system inspection, which is currently grossly under used, is one that when brought to the attention of all prospective and current home buyers and investors will prove through proper inspection of a locksmith, with suggestions and recommendations provided, to be just as important as the aforementioned general home inspection to give an even better, safer and more accurate portrait of the home or investment property being purchased.
For the current and future dreamer and investor remember that your investment is your future and your future is more secure when having a residential locksmith perform a pre-existing home key system.