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How Key Management Systems Can Help You

American Best Locksmith’s commercial technicians are responsible for the safety and security of your business we make sure that we keep a full detailed record of all keys and locks issued to your location with our Key Management Systems. When you decide to entrust American Best Locksmith with the master keying of your business we take all the proper steps to make sure that once the job is completed we are still available to assist you

with replacement keys, rekeys, replacement of lock cylinders and a tracking system as to whom is responsible for each key and where it is approved to be used.

Key Management ServicesKey Management Systems Provided by American Best Locksmith

With our Key Management System we are able to give you the owner of the business the peace of mind in knowing which employee is able to access which room and with which key they are able to do so with. By stamping the keys used in your master key system we are able to provide you a list of the serial number along with the corresponding locks that key will unlock. Then when you decide whom is going to be given that specific key you can mark it down with the person’s name or employee id number to ensure that if the key goes missing you know exactly what person had that key and what locks the key can fit into which will need to be rekeyed.
By having a detailed record as which key goes to which locks it makes the rekeying process much easier when the key goes missing or broken. Our commercial locksmiths are able to bring our key management records to the site and match it up with what key is in question allowing us to only rekey the locks that need it and provide you with the new stamped serial numbered key that will now open those locks we replaced.  By keeping a detailed key management system in place you are able to save money when the time comes for the locks to be rekeyed or replaced due to a lost or stolen key.

Master Key Systems That Work

Key management systems are currently being used by many companies and it has proven to be an easy method to keep track of what key opens what door and which employee is entitled to access each location. For business owners having access to this information and being able to edit it as they need is the perfect tool to use when promoting or demoting an employee, when you need to provide a certain employee with access to a specific room you can easily go to your key management system and look up which key opens that door and all other doors associated with it allowing the new manager to have access to the correct locations throughout your building.
Our commercial locksmiths work hand in hand with each of our key management customers developing the best master key system to implement into their existing security scheme. When our technicians arrive on site we quickly get to work, evaluating the entire building for potential security threats and working to come up with solutions for those problem areas. After we have ensured that the business is as secure as possible we start to work together with you the business owner on implementing the new master key system, you are the only one who knows which employees need access to which rooms so we can quickly devise a plan to set the master key system in place. When you decide to let us handle your key management system we are able to imprint the serial number on the keys so that each member of your team will have their own key assigned to them holding them ultimately responsible if it is to go missing.  After we have assigned the keys to the locks and rooms they will open you are able to place each key in the correct employees hands, and document which key belongs to which employee making your key management system complete.
Since we are a mobile Locksmith Company you can be sure that if there is ever an issue we will have a skilled professional technician at your location fast to assist you with whatever locksmith issue you may be facing. And also you can access your key management system at any time of the day or night by using our user interface.