High Security Locks To Secure Your Belonging

Far too many people are using cheap locks for their homes and businesses. These locks are made of inferior materials and are simply too easy to force open for burglars. The solution? How about a quality lock made by Mul-T-Lock? This brand carries a solid reputation for over three decades now and provides the best security for any home or business owner. What sets these locks apart from their competition is build quality — they are made of solid brass rather than hollow tin like your standard common lock.

The deadbolt has ball bearings on both sides of it which interlock with the frame, making it difficult to pry open even with a crow bar. There are steel inserts placed strategically to prevent from drilling the lock. The entire mechanism is shielded with a metal cover to prevent “ice picking” — the practice of inserting an object between the lock and the door to manipulate the mechanism. This lock is virtually impossible to pick. This, of course, makes them a great choice for avoiding the bump key issue covered in another post. Whereas ordinary locks would be susceptible to lock bumping, this variety of locks can withstand those intrusion attempts. The cylinders on these locks have telescopic pins rather than regular pins, meaning each pin is actually two pins, one within another.

American Best Locksmith Installs High Security Locks

A major innovation for these high security locks is the keys they utilize. Only the true owner of the lock can duplicate the keys. When you purchase a high security lock, you will receive a special card resembling a credit card. You need to sign this card and when you’re in need of any duplicate keys, you will have to present this card along with a photo ID to an authorize dealer. Obviously, this puts you in control with respect to who “really” has copies of your house or business keys. You can sleep easy at night knowing there aren’t any unauthorized copies of your keys floating around. To top things off, these locks come with a lifetime mechanical warranty so you don’t have to worry about their durability.