Bump Keys – A Security Threat

A new threat has arisen which affects the majority of conventional locks. This threat is known as the bump key and due to its simplicity, should be a primary focus for your household. Obtaining a bump key is very inexpensive and they can easily be purchased on the Internet. The term “lock bumping” refers to the action of using a bump key to manipulate a lock with a regular key that is cut in a specific way.

You need not be an expert to perform lock bumping as it takes very little skill and does not require any special equipment. Worst of all, it only takes a few seconds to complete.

Protect Against Bump Keys

Given the widespread reach of the Internet, anyone with a broadband connection can quickly obtain instructions on how to perform lock bumping. The best defense against lock bumping is to arm yourself with higher security locks which are “bump proof.” Unfortunately, conventional locks are defenseless against drilling, picking, or unauthorized copies of keys. Bump Proof locks have both a primary and secondary locking system.
Due to the way bump keys are used, it is difficult to see any signs of forced entry on your doors. What complicates matters even more is that Insurance Companies often will deny your claim of burglary because no visible damage is seen to your entry doors. Therefore, it is difficult to prove someone actually broke into your home. The best defense against bump keys are High Security locks – read more about high security locks.