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Medeco High Security Locks

Medeco High Security LocksWhen talking about the safety and security of your home and family a name that comes to the top of the list is Medeco Locks, these American made masters of security are one of American Best Locksmith technicians go to locks when assisting a customer in securing their home.

American Best Locksmith offers Medeco High Security Locks

One of the best features of Medeco Locks is the key control system they have in place, this is a process in which only authorized Medeco locksmith dealers are able to copy or create keys for Medeco High Security Locks. If it is an easy process to copy a key for your lock how secure can it really be?
The other major benefit of Medeco Locks is how resistant they are to lock picking and lock bumping.  Medeco has specially designed tumbler pins that must be elevated and rotated to a specific point before they will unlock and this can only happen when the key is inserted. The Medeco3 adds a 3rd locking mechanism inside the lock cylinder itself and on the key which adds a additional locking point and even greater security. Aside from the pins Medeco also builds all of their locks with hardened steel which is resistant to drill points.
Since bump keys and pick tools are easily attainable by thieves American Best Locksmith strongly recommends the Medeco Locks to all of our customers both residential and commercial. With a huge selection of various colors and styles Medeco has a lock that will fit into your homes décor with no problem. Even if you do not want to change your hardware but want the added security of a Medeco Lock they have the largest section of retro fit lock cylinders on the market that a skilled American Best Locksmith technician can install into your home or office when you need it.