Secure Your Home with Different Types of Locks

House is a more secure place and there is not any other aspects important then home security and personal safety other than food and shelter. Having the proper and good quality locks on a main entrance can help to improve home security. Reports shows that criminals always seek to have houses which do not have any complex security system and door locks can easily break.

Many people go with the use of latches installed from the inside of the door and lock automatically when the door is closed. This is great for people who often forget to lock their doors. It is very effective system as it provides an additional protection against the criminals who forcibly wants to come inside the house.

Different Types of Locks to Secure Your Home

Beside this locks having its own importance. There are different types of locks we should go for it to secure our house as follows-


– It is the most secure locks including cylinders and locks/ unlocks with the combination locks attached to them. It is either key or keyless. Keyless deadbolts eliminate the need for a key and it is great for anyone to free from the fear of losing their key. Many deadbolts includes alarm system if anybody forcibly or feeding incorrect password combination every time a buzzer sounds. This can make aware your surroundings.


Many people believe these locks are very effective and only be secured from the inside and this is true. They also secure house very well and there are several chain locks in the market which have a key lock on the wall mount so they can be locked and unlocked from the outside of the door. This is good if the house if vacant for a long span of time. It is usually good as breaking a chain lock creates a lot of noise and able to aware the surrounding that anybody is trying to open the gate.


This locking mechanism have spring bolts, deadbolts or both. It depends with which you would like to proceed. Mortise locks are extremely strong when installed in a door and provides additional security to doors already equipped with one or more other locks.


– Digital keypad locks are very popular and replace almost every type of locks from the market. These locks operate successfully without having any key and no complexity arises to lock and unlock the door. You can perform the operation with the use of one hand only and it is very impressive if you have lots of item in your one hand and you can easily open the door from another one. It is very secure as no one can have idea what code you have set and it is impossible to access. Also it has a facility to change the password and you can do it frequently as per your convenience. If you have forgotten the password again no worries digital locks company having its substitute too.
Apart this other kinds of door locks available in the market you just need to go to the store or contact a locksmith they can only provide you the best options which are latest and more secured.