15 Tips From Your Local Locksmith for Safe, Single Living

Being single has many advantages. It can be fun to not be tied down and live on your own. You don’t have to answer to anyone else when you live by yourself. You can throw an impromptu dance party in your living room in the middle of the day. You can put any food you want in your refrigerator, too. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are no disadvantages to living solo. The single life can sometimes pose security risks. If you spend a significant portion of your time searching the phrase “a reliable locksmith near me” on the Internet, you’re probably more than aware of the realities. You don’t have to waste time looking for a good “local locksmith near me” anymore, though. That’s because you can always turn to the expertise that’s available through American Best Locksmith. We’re a full-service local locksmith business that can make your solo life as smooth, secure and safe as possible. If you’re looking for a residential locksmith who can give your home security arrangement a significant boost, we’re on the job. Our seasoned professionals are residential security experts who can help you sleep better and more soundly at night. Stop spending your nights agonizing over every little sound you hear. The following 15 tips can come in handy for people who want to enjoy secure and comfortable single lifestyles.

1. Adopt a Dog

local locksmith guard dogIf you want to feel safe and sound alone at home, a dog can help. It can be wise to adopt a canine that’s from a guard dog breed. Popular guard dog breeds include German shepherds, Akitas, Rottweilers and Staffordshire bull terriers. A good guard dog can alert to you to any potential dangers that may be nearby.

2. Keep Your Living Situation Private

You don’t have to be an open book in every aspect of your life. It’s important to keep your living situation private. No one else has to know that you live by yourself. If you make a post on a social networking site that indicates that you live on your own, that makes you vulnerable to people who could take advantage of the situation. Don’t take that risk.

3. Shut Your Blinds or Curtains When It’s Dark Out

It can be wise to stop others from being able to look inside your home when it’s dark out. Make a point to shut your blinds or curtains when nighttime falls. If you keep your lights on and your blinds or curtains wide open at night, potential criminals can easily see what you’re doing inside. That can encourage them to make you a focal point. If they see that you’re alone, they may realize that you’re vulnerable and therefore an easy target.

4. Invest in New Lock Installation

local locksmith lock installationNew lock installation can be helpful to single people who live by themselves. It can be particularly helpful to those who have recently relocated to brand new homes. If you have just moved into a new apartment or home, you have absolutely no idea who has access to your keys. That’s not good. That’s why it’s critical to invest in new lock installation. If you want to save a little money, you can also opt for professional lock rekeying service. Our local locksmith business offers that and many more residential locksmith services.

5. Get a House Sitter

The assistance of a reliable and dutiful house sitter can go a long way for any single person who lives alone. If you’re someone who is away from home for a significant chunk of the day, it may be worth it to recruit a house sitter. A house sitter can monitor your home for several hours while you’re busy at work. He or she can supervise your home when you’re away for a couple weeks on a vacation in the Bahamas as well. The presence of a house sitter can discourage a potential burglar. That can give you peace of mind.

6. Invest in Durable Security Doors

Durable security doors can provide your residence with extra defense. Security doors essentially are doors that cover existing doors. They generally consist of metal screens. These screens are extremely convenient. They enable residents to easily view people who may be lurking outdoors. They, at the same time, make it totally impossible for people outdoors to view individuals inside. This works perfectly in your favor. These doors run the gamut strength-wise. Your goal should be to purchase a security door that can tolerate considerable force.

7. Switch Out Your Locks

People misplace their keys all the time. If you ever lose your house keys, call a local locksmith as soon as possible to switch them out. Don’t be lazy about this. A reputable residential locksmith can offer you fast lock changing service that can protect your home from possible break-ins and beyond.

8. Lock Your Home Doors Any Time You’re Busy

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re unable to easily and quickly monitor your doors, you should lock them. Showering is an example. The sound of water can mask the presence of potential intruders. It’s also important to lock your doors any time you’re listening to music with headphones on. Your priority should be to always be 100 percent ready to deal with possible security emergencies. If you’re oftentimes forgetful about locking your doors, talk to our local locksmith about getting automatic locking doors.

9. Focus on Garage Security

In-depth residential security is important. The same goes for garage security. It can be easy for burglars to access home garages with the assistance of simple wire coat hangers. If you want to protect yourself from this danger, a zip tie can help you. If you wrap a zip tie around your garage door’s release bar, you can keep your risk to a minimum.

10. Go With Your Gut

Don’t ignore your gut feelings. If you feel the presence of someone else on your property for whatever reason, take action. Don’t dismiss your intuition. If you hear a strange noise that makes you suspect that someone is trying to get inside your home, switch on the lights. Assess the premises.

11. Invest in an Alarm System

An alarm system can make a great security option for single individuals who live by themselves. If you’re looking for an in-depth security alarm system that can notify you of potential hazards on your property, you should contact a reputable local locksmith company like ours. We can give you a residential locksmith who can offer you A+ alarm system installation service. If you find yourself wondering who the “best locksmith near me” is, we can give you that answer. Our residential security knowledge is A1.

12. Think About Landscaping

Criminals want to stay low-key. They don’t like others looking at them. If you want to discourage criminals from accessing your home and yard, you should think about your landscaping situation. You may want to keep your outdoor space neat and tidy. Tall bushes and shrubs can give criminals plenty of choices in effective hiding spaces.

13. Encourage Noise Opportunities

Criminals like being sneaky. If you want to deter criminals from accessing your residence, you should encourage noise opportunities in your outdoor space. It can be smart to make use of gravel. Gravel tends to be loud. It can be tough to walk on gravel without other people hearing.

14. Set Up a Panic Room

The addition of a panic room in your home can give you a better sense of comfort and ease. Secure your panic room with a deadbolt lock. Make sure to equip it with a mobile device and reliable charger as well. A panic room can serve as a sanctuary and safe haven for people in the middle of taxing circumstances.

15. Befriend Your Neighbors

If you live on your own, it can be a good idea to befriend friendly and trustworthy people in your neighborhood. A neighbor who spots someone attempting to break into your home may be kind enough to alert you. He or she may even call the police.

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