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Lost Your Car Keys? – Automotive Locksmith Specialist On‎ Call 24 Hr! Make All Keys On Site.

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Your business Safety Is Our Goal. 24 Hour Local Commercial Locksmith. We are Licence Bonded & insured !

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Our experienced professional locksmiths are trained to handle all types of emergency unlocking situations whether it’s Home, Business or auto.

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Strong home security begins with expert locking mechanisms. We can deliver the security you need to protect your belongings!

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Safe & Vault Specialists Licensed, Bonded, Insured for Combination, Electronic, Commercial and Residential Safe Services.

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CCTV repair and service for all makes and models of systems. Our support staff is standing by to repair your network digital security surveillance system.

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Auto Locksmith Services for Honda and Acura

Honda and Acura are one of the most common driven vehicles on the road today, in which case we have made an easy to follow chart to assist our customers on which key will fit their specific Honda or Acura vehicle. In most cases when a customer is in need of Honda and Acura car key replacement service they will simply call into our customer service team and request that one of our auto locksmith professionals come out to their location and provide them with the new key they require and program it to their vehicle right there on the spot, but for our customers who are looking to save a little extra cash and want to buy the key themselves either online or from a private dealer we encourage them to follow our chart to ensure that they pick the correct key.


Honda and Acura Car Key Programming

Even after you purchase the key you will still need to have the key programmed to your vehicle and our auto locksmiths are able to provide a low cost option to get your key programmed to your vehicle to get you back on the road again. Just be sure that when you are purchasing a key online that you be sure not to fall for the scam tactics many sellers use, when you see a key listed for a much lower price than normal the chance is upon receiving the key it will not have the transponder or remote buttons you require leaving you still without a car key and very frustrated. Another issue with buying your key from places like eBay is most locksmith companies will not work with pre purchased parts since there is no way to be sure they have not been manipulated. American Best Locksmith’s auto locksmiths will cut and program your pre purchased Acura and Honda car key replacement for you but we strongly suggest using the dealership or a trusted distributor to ensure you will get a quality key. We are however unable to provide any type of warranty on the work performed since we cannot claim prior ownership of the parts used.


car key programmer

High tech car key programmer!

Price Range: $75-$120

Most of the time  Honda and Acura car key replacement is an a emergency locksmith service which is why our auto locksmiths carry a full stock of all the keys you see in the chart and the machines needed to cut and program them to your vehicle and with one quick phone call you can have a specialized auto locksmith professional at your site to make the new key your require right away. For our customers who have a bit more time to shop around for the best price and want to purchase the key themselves we hope that our illustrated guide showing the exact key for each specific Honda and Acura model will be of assistance to making sure you get the correct key for your vehicle.


Price Range: $75-$120

Honda and Acura Remote Programming

Most of the time Honda and Acura car keys comes with a remote attached to it some of them its built in to the key and some have a separated keyless remote, here at American best locksmith we deal with this key on daily basis, so call us today to program your pre purchased remote or key and get that programmed to your car like your keys was never got lost!


Honda keyless remote

Honda key less remote for your car!

Price Range if we provide the remote: $129-$220
Price range if you provide the remote: $85-$120

Each of our auto locksmith techs keep a full stock of various Honda and Acura remotes in their mobile service units so even if you did not already purchase a remote online we are able to provide you with a new one and program it right to your vehicle. When you want to add a remote to your Honda or Acura car the only locksmith you need is our skilled professionals at American Best Locksmith.

Honda Ignition Replacement

Our Auto Locksmiths are able to perform many services to fix your Honda or Acura ignition problems, with all the tools and parts needed in their mobile service units we are able to come right out to your location and get right to work. In many cases our customers are calling for an older model Honda or Acura that is experiencing issues with the ignition and this makes sense since the ignition just like any other piece of hardware becomes weak and worn over time.

Honda Ignition Repair

Honda and Acura split wafer ignition.

Price Range For Honda and Acura Ignition Replacement $135-$295

Inside each ignition are little wafers, these are what allow the key to insert and start the vehicle; over time the wafers can become worn out or damaged leaving your vehicle rendered useless. This is where the expert auto locksmiths for Honda and Acura car keys comes into play. Our techs have replacement wafers as well as full ignitions they are able to swap out with your old and broken one. If you notice that you are having trouble putting in or taking out your key from the ignition the time is now to contact our auto locksmith team so we can replace your ignition before you become stranded.

Due to the vast variety of locks and lock related items along with the wide range of various circumstances that can complicate a situation, these locksmith prices stated above are the average cost per service for most services requested. There are a wide variety of higher security options available. When you speak with our representatives on the phone they will help assess the situation in order to provide a more accurate estimate. This is to prevent any misunderstanding, and expedite quality service to you. All prices include product delivery, installation, labor and a six (6) month warranty for all locks and hardware.

Lost Your Car Key? Need a Spare? Up to 50% Off Dealer Prices

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I was locked out the other night after taking my daughter for a walk it was awful. Thank God I had my phone and was able to search for a locksmith near me and American Best was opened , they sent the guy right out and he unlocked my door within 20 minutes of my call. Read More…

Megan C.
Philadelphia, PA

Called this company late last Tuesday night, I had just got off the train after working all day only to realize I did not have my car keys. Tom came right out to the station and made me a new key so I could finally get home. Thanks again for answering the phone and sending someone out in the middle of the night.

Sandra Reiser
King Of Prussia, PA

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