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Transponder Car Keys

Transponder car keyTransponder car keys were introduced in the 1990’s since then the technology related to unlocking and starting vehicles has continued to grow to where it is now with push start ignitions and proximity keys. The transponder car key looks just like a normal car key except it has a small microchip embedded in the plastic housing at the top of the key.

This microchip is what sends a signal to the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) which must be validated by the computer on board the vehicle in order for the key to be able to unlock the doors and turn off the engine immobilizers allowing the vehicle to start.

Transponder Car Keys; what are they and how do they work?

Transponders are used in many things these days like garage door openers, gate closers and TV remote controls all of these devices use a transponder to send a signal to the receiver in order to perform a function. Your remote control for your TV is a bit different than that of a transponder car key but it makes it a bit easier to explain. When you want to turn on the TV you push the power button and the remote send the signal to the TV which receives it and validates it and then turns on the TV. This is the same thing that takes place when you push the unlock button on your vehicle remote or put the key in the ignition and turn it over.
The major difference between your TV remote and car key is that each transponder car key is programmed to your specific vehicle which only allows the key you have to open and start your vehicle. Since each vehicle produced now has a specific programmed code to the ECU as well as the transponder car key only the keys that have the correct programming are able to unlock and start the vehicle. This is a great advancement in security for vehicle owners, if your vehicle is one of the many on the market with a transponder car key you can be sure that you and only you are able to unlock your vehicle doors and start the car.

Auto Locksmiths for Transponder Car Keys

The downside in using transponder car keys for the consumer is if you want to have a spare key in case you lose the original or if you have lost the original without a spare getting a car key replacement is now much more expensive than when vehicles did not use transponder car keys. Since a transponder car key needs to be programmed to the vehicle in order to get a replacement you will need to enlist the services of an auto locksmith who has the tools and equipment needed to complete this service for your specific vehicle. Most car key replacement services carried out by American Best Locksmith can be done right there on the spot since our auto locksmith technicians carry all the programming tools as well as the machines needed to cut them to fit your vehicle. For a short list of vehicles car key replacement entails a bit more than just having a auto locksmith cut and program a new transponder car key to your vehicle in some cases a complete car computer re-flash is required to program a new key to the vehicle.
Like we stated earlier transponder car keys are just the tip of the iceberg in advances in car key technology, now with proximity keys where you do not even put the key in the ignition to turn it on just push a button and the same the unlocking the doors our auto locksmiths have had to train themselves in the technologies needed to create replacement keys for these types of keys.

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