Main job functions of an automotive locksmith near me

Have you ever wondered just exactly what an automotive locksmith actually does? In the next few paragraphs we will discuss the main job functions of a automotive locksmith near me, for those interested in starting a new career or just learning a few things about the locksmith industry we hope this will be the only article you need to read.

What can an Automotive Locksmith Near Me do?

So the main job of an automotive locksmith near me is not unlocking car doors like most people think, this type of service actually falls under the emergency locksmith job responsibilities. Not to say that and automotive specialist cannot handle a vehicle door lock out it is just not their primary function. Instead car key replacement is the number one job that they are responsible for. When a customer calls in to the office after they are unable to locate their vehicle keys it is the automotive locksmiths time to shine, with the ability to create a new key for just about every type of car on the road right there on the spot by using their mobile service unit that is filled with all the tools and parts they will need.
Aside from making new vehicle keys one of the main functions of our automotive locksmiths is ignition replacements, many of times a customer will call looking for a locksmith near me that is able to fix their vehicle key since it will not turn in their ignition. When this call comes in our dispatchers send the closest auto specialist to the customer to assist with this call, more often than not when our tech arrives they realize that the entire ignition must be replaced in order for the car to start again. The main reason for this is the ignition pins have worn out or locked up causing the ignition to no longer function normally. When you call a locksmith near me who is trained in this service you can be sure that they will be able to replace your ignition right there on the spot since they always carry a wide selection of various parts used for most vehicles on the road. No need to waste your time and money getting the car towed to the dealer like before, with the implementation of skilled automotive locksmiths you can have your vehicle back on the road in no time at all.
The best part about our automotive locksmiths is that they are trained to diagnose each service call they get upon arrival, when a customer calls stating that their key will not turn on the car our techs will go through all the proper steps to determine whether or not the key just needs to be programmed or replaced which is much cheaper than having to replace the entire ignition. Unlike our competition we are looking to help our customers instead of making a quick buck, which is why we have all of our technicians trained it the most current forms of automotive locksmith services allowing them to provide our customers with the top of the line service they except when using a locksmith near me.

Emergency Automotive Locksmith Near Me Service

We make sure that each and every one of our employees are cross trained in all aspects of the locksmith trade, yet excel in one service or the other in order to be considered the expert. When we send one of our automotive locksmiths to a customer’s location they are able to unlock the vehicle door, create a new key for the car, copy the existing key, change the ignition or change out the door and trunk locks; they are also able to install a new lock on their home or office, rekey the existing locks and of course open any type of door lock you may have. By making sure our technicians are able to complete all of the services we offer you will never need to pay an additional price to have a technician come out to complete a service outside of the initial service field you requested. Even though our automotive locksmiths specialize in all things vehicle related there is pretty much no locksmith service they are unable to complete. For more information on the services offered by a locksmith near me call one of our customer service representatives today .