Free Vehicle Unlock Service to Prevent Vehicular Heatstroke

In the summer months a vehicle can reach temperatures so hot you are able to cook food inside them, now imagine what will happen if a child, pet or elderly member of your family was accidentally left inside your car for an extended amount of time; the result is vehicular heatstroke.
Each year we hear dreadful stories from around the world about how a parent forgot to take their child out of the vehicle upon exiting the vehicle.

Many times the parent will only get a few steps away from the vehicle before realizing the deadly mistake they have almost made, other times they will not realize it until it is too late. This is why we offer our free vehicle unlock service.

Free Vehicle Unlock Service

American Best Locksmith has partnered up with local police municipalities to ensure that if there is an instance where a child is left inside a vehicle we will drop Vehicular Heat Stroke Deathseverything we are doing and rush the closets technician right over to the location and unlock the door free of charge to avoid any child becoming another victim of vehicular heatstroke. The first call should always be to the police department since they have a much bigger staff than we, and also have the ability to halt traffic so they can pass. But after you call the police the next call should be to us, since our technicians are constantly on the road we might be on a job relatively close to the location and be able to arrive faster than law enforcement agents and unlock the door to free the trapped child, pet or elderly person.
American Best locksmith wants to ensure that the entire community we serve is kept as safe as possible at all times, this is why when we get a call for a locked child in a car we will stop everything we are doing and get our technician on site as fast as possible to unlock the vehicle free of charge. We have found that the vehicle is not the only place where a child, pet or elderly person can be
locked in causing danger to themselves, we have also answered quite a few house lock out calls made by frantic parents who have locked themselves out while the children were inside. Although this is not as severe as when a child is locked inside a smoldering vehicle the results can also be quite dangerous; which is why we also offer a free unlock service to homes and vehicles. We want to make sure that if our neighbors are ever in distress and locked away from their loved ones we are going to be there to help as fast as possible.

Tips to Prevent Vehicular Heatstroke

We have developed a few tips to ensure that you are as careful as possible this and every day to make sure that you do not make the earth shattering mistake of locking your child in the car.
Before we get to our tips we would like to introduce you to a new product n the market called the 1decision bracelet; this bracelet is fighting to wipe out all the cases of lost, left or forgotten children. With this bracelet the parent will wear one and the child the other and once the child becomes out of the set distance range the bracelet will vibrate to remind the parent that they are not with the child prompting them to get back to the car or find them in the park.


  • Never lock the doors without exiting the vehicle and checking in the back seat first. If you drop your child off at daycare every morning be sure that when you arrive at work you look in the back seat before locking the doors. If you make this a regular part of your routine you will never forget them and never have to deal with the pain of knowing they were forgotten by you.
  • Place your briefcase or purse on the floor in the back seat every time you get into your vehicle. By putting something that you need in the backseat you will become used to checking back there to get it before locking the doors.
  • Use a stuffed animal or other object to place in the car seat when the child is not with you and in the front seat when they are, when you see the fluffy reminder sitting in the passenger seat you will remember to take the child out and place the stuffed animal back into the car seat.
  • Have the day care or babysitter call you at a certain time if your child has not been dropped off for the day.
  • And the best tip we have to offer is to purchase the 1Desicion bracelet to ensure that not only with the vehicle but in all areas of  life your child is a safe as possible.

With over 44 deaths related to vehicular heatstroke last year alone American Best Locksmith is working hard with local police departments and the team at 1Decison to put an end to this tragic epidemic claiming the lives of innocent children each and every year.  If these tips can help any parent take the extra few seconds to double check to make sure they are not leaving anyone left behind in the vehicle then our job is complete.
American Best Locksmith is creating an organization of fellow locksmith companies to form a network of first responders for any call relating to a child or pet being locked inside a vehicle. When the call goes out all work will come to a halt and technicians will rush over to the location to save the trapped passengers. To join the network of locksmiths fighting vehicular heatstroke please fill out the form here on the website.

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