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25% Off Car Keys

25% Off Car KeysIf you have lost your vehicle key it can be quite the frustrating time, maybe you are running late for work or even worse you are stuck outside in a parking lot searching frantically through all the stores you were just at.

Before American Best Locksmith offered our unique mobile locksmith service in order to get a replacement car key you would have had to get your vehicle towed to the dealership and wait around for them to order the key only to wind up charging you an outrageous amount. Well no longer is that the case! American Best Locksmith has the area’s most skilled automotive locksmith specialist on staff and available to you . Since we operate in a mobile fashion we are able to come right to your location whenever you need us. This is a huge advantage if you are stuck in the middle of a parking lot when the weather is not so nice. Since we have the ability to come right to you and we carry blank keys for almost every vehicle on the road we are able to keep our cost way below a dealer who needs to find room on the lot for your vehicle after you pay to have it towed and then order the key which are not cheap.

Car Key Replacement

Since American Best Locksmith stocks so many keys we are able to purchase them at a much lower cost since we are buying in bulk. This is how we maintain our 50% off dealer prices guarantee, when a customer calls for our services they are delighted to learn that we will arrive right at their location in just a few minutes. Upon arrival our technician is able to determine exactly what needs to be done to create a new key for that specific vehicle. After creating a new key from scratch American Best Locksmith offers each of our customers a special discount of 25% off for a spare or duplicate key so in the further they will have the spare they needed. Since most vehicles now a day’s use a chip key to start the ignition the key creation can be quite expensive this is why we will offer a spare key at the discounted rate of minus 25% the cost of the first key. For more information regarding our 25% off car key specials please contact our customer service team twenty four hours a day seven days a week.