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Locksmith 19116

commercial lockAmerican Best Locksmith has been offering professional locksmith services in and around the city of Philadelphia for years and we are proud to serve residents with local locksmiths who are available quickly. No different from any of our other locksmiths in Philadelphia, our locksmith 19116 is professionally trained and armed with all of the tools and training necessary to provide you with locksmith services at your location. Automotive, commercial and residential services are all available at your location, without having to come to our storefront location.

Of course if you want to save money on your service, rather than calling our locksmith 19116 you can come into our office, which is conveniently located in the Huntingdon Valley just a short drive from the area that our locksmith 19116 serves. American Best Locksmith’s commitment to providing professional quality locksmith services and friendly customer service is unmatched in the locksmith industry.

Commercial Locksmith 19116

Commercial lock and key services from our professional locksmith 19116 can help you to secure your business and prevent all types of losses. By relying on our technician for security services you know that you are getting years of experience and training that will to protect the real threats to your business.
Our commercial professional can complete a range of services at your request to help not only improve the amount of security at your commercial location, but also make the business more easily accessible for you. Master key systems are one service that our professional can provide which accomplishes this. A master key system that is installed can allow you to access every lock in your business with just one key, while also delegating access to each individual employee based on their position. This can allow you to keep restricted areas of the business secure from lower level employees, while still retaining a good amount of convenience for higher level employees in the master key system. There are plenty of other service which our technician can assist you with, one of those is the installation of a panic bar. Panic bars are required by law for some businesses and our locksmith 19116 is the perfect person to have install or repair your current panic bar. Push/panic bars are a necessity for keeping your customers and employees safe and certainly should not be a place where you are cutting corners. Re-keying and installing high security locks are recommended by our locksmith 19116 for certain situations. If you want to upgrade your security, but are not sure which service is best for your business then have our locksmith 19116 provide you with a diagnostic security check. Using his years of experience where he has seen burglars try just about everything, he will be able to identify weaknesses that thieves may try to target. Based on any of these weaknesses as well as your security budget, our technician can recommend service which will increase the commercial security of your location.

Auto Locksmith 19116

Automotive locksmith services from American Best’s locksmith 19116 can have you back out on the road extremely quickly without the hassle and cost that other locksmiths or going to the dealership may entail. Replacement car keys have never been easier to receive thanks to the mobile fashion that our locksmith 19116 works. Rather than needing to get your vehicle towed to the dealership’s location you can get your car key replaced right at your location. This cuts out an expensive charge you would have had to incur, even before service is completed. Push to start systems, transponder car keys as well as traditional car keys can all be replaced by our locksmith 19116 for a fraction of the dealership’s cost.  Ignition changes are another automotive services that you can receive from our locksmith 19116 right at your location. Just like with car key services, having our technician repair or replace your ignition cuts out the need to pay for a towing trip to the dealership. Talk to our technician about the possible services that you can receive which include car lock re-keying, remote fobs and many more.
Protecting your home and the valuables inside of it is always a top priority. Fortunately the locksmith 19116 from American Best Locksmith can help to make sure that your home is the castle that it should be. You can be more secure in your home, by relying on our technician to keep your home security up-to-date and functional. Re-keying is highly recommended by our locksmith 19116 whenever you move into a new home to prevent any former owners, tenants or anyone they gave a key to from being able to reenter your residence. One security service which has been mainly commercial until recently is the installation of closed circuit television cameras. A wider availability of technology has driven down the cost associated with getting security cameras installed and makes them a viable residential choice. By having security cameras installed you are now not only recording all of the events occurring on your property, but they also act as a deterrent that prevents burglars from striking to begin with. There are plenty of other residential services that our locksmiths can provide for you, including lock change and master key systems, so ask our technician about which options may be best for your home.
With a wide range of automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services American Best Locksmith can assist you with just about any lock and key service you may have. In addition to the great services mentioned above American Best also offers safe services right at your location, which includes safe opening, combination change and replacement safe keys. Whichever one of these services you require count on professional quality service and a quick response time. Our locksmith 19116 is your number one choice for friendly and professional locksmith services.